About Us....

Conceptualized in 2004, we have progressed at a faster pace to be a successful enterprise in the field of interior & exterior designing, Installation & decoration works. Our large community of clients speaks about our success. We have catered our services to star hotels, corporate offices, mansions, bungalows, residences, other organizations and offices. Our designs are exclusive, exotic and our services cordial and valuable. Our team and infrastructure are our greatest assets. We also take care of quality and all the materials that we use are quality tested.
Our mentor Mr. Mohammad Khalid, is a enterprising and creative individual who have leadership qualities and managerial skills. He is the main spring of our clock and keeps our organization ticking all the time. His high values and business ethics have percolated down below to make us a team of values and high professionalism. His five years experience in the industry has added value to the industry. Under his able guidance we are sure to achieve success. 
We are successful because of our timely completion of projects and excellent service. Our clients are the most satisfied in the interior & exterior designing, Installation & decoration works. We have high flagged clients and we have dreams of expanding our infrastructure, team and services. We are technologically advanced people and use high end technologies in all the services that we offer.
We strongly believe in quality first approach, Hence we emphasize on quality planning and quality systems therefore assuring quality service for our customers.
Quality Planning involves preparation of detailed inspection list for all components, equipments and processes prior to acceptance. It involves quality surveillance procedures, designing special instruments for testing (wherever necessary), and developing quality audits.
Quality Systems comprise all elements in the quality control effort. We share these with our customers and make them aware of all quality control systems and quality Plans.
To provide a total Quality assurance , All our supplies are purchased only from original manufacturers and authorized dealers. Moreover, we have developed our Own quality control and safety manuals, these specify many check points at inspection, storage, installation, testing, pre-commissioning and stages.  

Our Quality

The interior & exterior designing & decoratios materials that we offer for ceilings floorings, furniture, and painting of POP, structural glazing & ACP clidding works are of the top quality. We ensure that we procure materials which are tested for various factors of excellence and also ensure their protection while storing in our warehouse.
The materials are checked for their and also their design shape, color, form and texture are given priority while choosing. Our aim is to transform aesthetic concepts into reality by bringing innovativeness, creativity and artistic excellence in our projects.

Our Facility

Our facilities cater to all the works that we undertake, consisting of machinery and other equipments, which supports our interior designing work. Our facility is self sufficient and usually does not depend on out sourcing. We have an excellent team who are well versed with handling all equipments and machineries. 
We have a dream of expanding our services and to occupy the top most places in the world of interior designs & decoration. We have an excellent ware house with good storage capacities, highly compartmentalized spacious with good lighting. Our ware house completely protects and secures our materials and goods with utmost care.

Our Team

A team of artistic, creative people who have innovative and creative ideas, concepts and tastes work together in unison formulating designs and offering best solutions keeping comfort and looks in mind. The team is completely professional and creatively talented capable of producing excellent designs with exotic finish.
The embellishments that we use, the choice of design and color have created an air of pleasantness in every space we have worked. We work with high team spirit, enthusiasm and go-getter attitudes. We have a positive approach and convert a place of dullness and fatigue to a place of vibrancy and energize the spaces with creative touches.